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Tyler Goldberg-Hoss, JD

Tyler Goldberg-Hoss, JD


Tyler joined CMG as an associate in 2009 after receiving his law degree from the University of Washington. He became a partner in 2013. His practice consists entirely of medical negligence cases.

While law school gave him the necessary degree, it was life that seasoned Tyler and gave him the experience and skills to become an effective counselor. He crewed on a commercial crab-fishing boat in Alaska; was an English-as-second-language (ESL) teacher in Taiwan; drove a taxi in Eugene, OR; helped build a sawmill in his hometown of Shelton; and worked as a carpenter's apprentice in Seattle before entering law school.

Tyler is starting his second term on the Board of the Washington Association for Justice and is currently chair of its New Member Committee. Tyler has a 10.0/superb rating through the online service

Tyler’s life outside of his practice consists of spending time with his wife Danielle and their three daughters: Mia, Annika and Zoe. Together they enjoy eating Thai food, going on play dates, and relishing the occasional good night’s sleep. Tyler takes particular interest in preparing his daughters for a lifetime of disappointment that comes with being a Seattle sports fan.

When I was 13, I had severe hip and joint pain, and no doctor could figure out what was wrong. They were even telling me to exercise more for a painfully long time. Finally, I found out I had slipped capital femoral epiphysis in my hip - previously missed by a radiologist.
I could not have had a better experience than with Tyler Goldberg-Hoss. He guided me through every step and never talked down to me or my parents. With the recovery I received, I now know my medical needs will be taken care of in the future.

Andrew M.
Everett, WA

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