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Trisha Freeman, Paralegal

Trisha Freeman, Paralegal

Trisha, a graduate of Edmonds Community College paralegal program, has worked at Chemnick | Moen | Greenstreet since 1986. She supports the firm's attorneys on their casework including drafting/filing legal documents, preparing for depositions and working closely with clients throughout the legal process.

Trisha is married with three children and in her spare time enjoys scrapbooking, cooking and traveling.

When my best friend died due to medical care, Gene agreed to take the case even though there were very serious challenges. I am a demanding attorney with a nearly 30 year career, and I know what excellent work looks like. Gene and his team exceeded expectations and out performed across every measure. Gene and his team are - plain and simple - the best in the business.

Spencer Nathan Thal, Attorney
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