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Who We Are

Our History: A Firm Dedicated to Medical Negligence

Paul Chemnick and Gene Moen first worked together in 1973 when they were both partners in a larger firm. In 1981, they left to start their own firm, Chemnick and Moen, and decided to limit their practice to personal injury litigation. They opened an office near the historic Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, where they remained for 25 years. The office is now located in North Seattle.

Pat Greenstreet joined the firm as a law student in 1982 and became an associate in 1984. She soon became a partner, and the firm has practiced under the name Chemnick | Moen | Greenstreet since then. Nearly 20 years ago, the firm decided to dedicate its practice to medical negligence cases. Tyler Goldberg-Hoss joined the firm as an associate in 2009 and became a partner in 2013.

Paul and Pat became “of counsel” to the firm in 2013 and still consult on cases. Gene, a Yale Law School graduate, and Tyler, a graduate of the University of Washington Law School, are now the core of the firm. They are both dedicated to the cause of patient safety and patient advocacy.

They practice with associate attorneys Catherine Mee Moen and a staff of dedicated legal assistants. Cases are handled within the firm through a team approach. Both the attorneys and staff understand that, in addition to the injury itself, bringing a serious injury or wrongful death claim can be stressful and traumatic. They strive to make that burden less difficult for their clients.

Our People

The Chemnick | Moen | Greenstreet attorneys and staff are dedicated to providing their clients with a high level of professional service along with vigorous advocacy of their interests.


Over the past 20 years, I have had many occasions to associate with Chemnick | Moen | Greenstreet on complex personal injury and medical negligence cases. I have never been disappointed. The entire firm is a pleasure to work with, their work product is first-rate, and they are very attentive to the needs of their clients.

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