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What clients and other attorneys say about CMG

When my best friend died due to medical care, Gene agreed to take the case even though there were very serious challenges. I am a demanding attorney with a nearly 30 year career, and I know what excellent work looks like. Gene and his team exceeded expectations and out performed across every measure. Gene and his team are - plain and simple - the best in the business.

Spencer Nathan Thal, Attorney
Poulsbo, Washington

Julie went through a very traumatic experience with endocarditis, an infection that destroyed her aortic heart valve, which had to be replaced with a titanium heart valve. A local clinic failed to do an echocardiogram, which would have detected the infection. Paul Chemnick had the stature and confidence to get us through a nerve-wracking experience to a successful resolution. He was reassuring, steady, encouraging, and believed in us. He always brought us back to the core truth, and that gave us peace. We so appreciate what he did for us.

Mike and Julie M.
Lopez Island, WA

I was treated with the utmost kindness and respect by CMG before and during my trial. I had a difficult case but they never gave me false hopes and stuck with me. Their communication was excellent, and Gene Moen was very gracious to me and my family.

Connie O.
Lacey, WA

CMG was great at counseling me and giving me all the options before we settled. I was pleased that Gene and Paul always included me in the decisionmaking process and were responsive to me. As stressful as it was, this was a great experience for me and an education in the law.

Kent K.
Richland, WA

Chemnick | Moen | Greenstreet provides consistently dependable and highly professional advice and services in medical malpractice cases. We will continue to place our trust in this exceptionally high-quality firm for our medical referrals and association.

Kent R. Millikan and Scott A. Decker, Deno, Millikan, Dale, Decker & Peterson
Everett, WA

I spent some quality time with Debra, Gene’s assistant, as she gathered information and observed the circumstances of our home and studio, in an effort to ascertain a monetary figure to shoot for. I found Debra warm, sympathetic, supportive and authentic. In fact, I have considered her a friend for the past ten years since my husband’s death. I believe she is an indication of the type of people who work there.

Jeanna J.
Richland, WA

I am an attorney myself, so I knew my husband was in the best possible hands when he chose Gene Moen to represent him. Gene took on the challenge of a particularly difficult case and did remarkably well. He is competent, very respectful, and a masterful negotiator. His work is remarkable; he was always prepared and kept both my husband and me abreast of the case on a regular basis. On the human level, CMG is a cut above the really good lawyers. They understand the value of servicing the client in a diplomatic and artful way. I would refer them in a heartbeat.

Cathie A.
Edmonds, WA

The professional credibility of CMG was there; it was obvious from the standpoint of litigation that the firm would not have taken this case if it was not a viable one. The process was seamless because the answer was always given before I even had to ask. I honestly believe that God was in charge because in the end, the result was exactly what I hoped for in the manner I wanted. In an unexpected way, the settlement has had a wonderful effect on my life.

Roy H.
Bremerton, WA

I have associated with Chemnick | Moen | Greenstreet on complex injury claims. Their work is always excellent, and they are a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend them to attorneys who need to associate with a first-rate law firm on a medical negligence or other major injury case.

Paul B. Mack
Spokane, WA

Over the past 20 years, I have had many occasions to associate with Chemnick | Moen | Greenstreet on complex personal injury and medical negligence cases. I have never been disappointed. The entire firm is a pleasure to work with, their work product is first-rate, and they are very attentive to the needs of their clients.

Steven G. Toole, Law Office of Steven G. Toole, P.S.
Bellevue, WA

When I have a case of medical negligence I want the best. That’s Chemnick | Moen | Greenstreet. After years of working with them I know my clients will receive the best representation with the best chances of being fully compensated for their injury.

Greg Abel, Law Offices of Gregory Abel
Tacoma, WA

I really appreciated Pat Greenstreet’s support during a difficult time. Because she is a nurse, she was a wonderful advocate for treatment options while my husband was disabled and before he died. The whole office was involved with my case as we went to trial. Their thoroughness and professionalism carried through the trial and eventual settlement. Their humanity, caring, and support accompanied me throughout our association.

Marla D.
Mercer Island, WA

I was trying on a new leg brace, and because it was not made correctly or fitted properly, and fall precautions were not taken, I fell at the clinic and shattered my hip and femur. I am now wheelchair-bound and my life is completely altered.
Tyler Goldberg-Hoss is incredibly personable and cared for me as a person not just a client. He supported me during the long journey until we finally settled with the insurance company. He gave me his best, and I am happy with the result.

Del W.
Yakima, WA

When I was 13, I had severe hip and joint pain, and no doctor could figure out what was wrong. They were even telling me to exercise more for a painfully long time. Finally, I found out I had slipped capital femoral epiphysis in my hip - previously missed by a radiologist.
I could not have had a better experience than with Tyler Goldberg-Hoss. He guided me through every step and never talked down to me or my parents. With the recovery I received, I now know my medical needs will be taken care of in the future.

Andrew M.
Everett, WA

I would not hesitate to recommend Chemnick | Moen | Greenstreet to anyone seeking redress through this avenue. They champion causes that give victims of medical malpractice a voice - a voice with muscle.

Jeanna J.
Richland, WA

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