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When a medical error occurs, families often reach out to the lawyers they already know. These may include the lawyer who prepared their will, the lawyer who helped with an auto claim, or even the lawyer next door. Lawyers from all practice areas can refer potential clients to Chemnick Moen Greenstreet with full confidence that one of our lawyers will personally evaluate the case with care.


Other times, lawyers who litigate civil claims find that a medical malpractice case is simply too large or complex to handle without the support of a firm dedicated to malpractice litigation. We enjoy associating with attorneys from all over Washington, and finalize each arrangement individually, depending on the unique factors of case. When we associate with other attorneys, we take on the role of lead counsel. This is a relief for firms unaccustomed to the high cost and time commitment of a medical negligence lawsuit.

For more information, please contact us at (206) 443-8600.

What other attorneys say about CMG

Chemnick | Moen | Greenstreet provides consistently dependable and highly professional advice and services in medical malpractice cases. We will continue to place our trust in this exceptionally high-quality firm for our medical referrals and association.

Kent R. Millikan and Scott A. Decker, Deno, Millikan, Dale, Decker & Peterson
Everett, WA

Over the past 20 years, I have had many occasions to associate with Chemnick | Moen | Greenstreet on complex personal injury and medical negligence cases. I have never been disappointed. The entire firm is a pleasure to work with, their work product is first-rate, and they are very attentive to the needs of their clients.

Steven G. Toole, Law Office of Steven G. Toole, P.S.
Bellevue, WA

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