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Prescription and Drug Errors

Filling a prescription is such a routine task for many people that they generally rely on their pharmacies to accurately dispense medication and check for any possible dangerous drug interactions. When medications are dispensed incorrectly, there can be serious consequences.

Allyson Y., family friend

Client Case Study

A Deadly Mix: Sleep Apnea and Narcotics

"Two years ago, my close friend Tammy died while checked into a local hospital for flu symptoms. They told us she died from pneumonia, but we knew that wasn't the case. In fact, she had sleep apnea and was put on a heavy narcotic but was not seen by a doctor or properly monitored. She died within minutes.

"I was put in charge of Tammy's affairs and got really lucky when I was referred to Gene Moen. This was the first time I worked with an attorney, and Gene and his whole office did a phenomenal job. I was in good hands the entire time. Gene was clearly doing this from the heart, and he knew how important it was to fight for a settlement to take care of her three young sons. They will now be able to get the education Tammy wanted for them."

Allyson Y.
Burlington, WA

Client Case Study

Cardiac Arrest after ER Visit

Linda went to the local emergency room on four occasions with chest pain and other symptoms. Because she was female and in her 30's, she was told it was muscular pain and sent home with painkillers. During the last visit, an EKG was misread as normal. In fact, it showed subtle changes that indicated a heart condition. The next day she suffered a cardiac arrest and was resuscitated by emergency medics. Unfortunately, during the arrest she suffered brain damage and ended up in a persistent vegetative state that requires constant, 24-hour-a-day care in a long-term care facility.

We were retained by her family, which included a 10-year-old son, and filed suit against the ER physicians and hospital. After extensive litigation, in which we presented testimony by ER experts, cardiologists, a child psychologist, a life-care planner, and an economist, the case settled before trial. The settlement allowed for Linda's care for her lifetime and resulted in the purchase of a home where the son could live with his grandmother. The son's needs are being met during his childhood, and he will receive funds for post-high-school education and other needs he may have in the future.

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