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Nursing Malpractice

Nurses are often the first provider seen by patients, particularly in the hospital setting. Unfortunately, nurses make mistakes that cause serious harm or death. These mistakes can include failing to properly monitor a patient post-operatively, failing to give necessary medication, failing to prevent a patient from falling, and failing to properly communicate important clinical findings to doctors and other nurses.

Client Case Study

Knee Injury from a Hospital Fall

Linda was a healthy and active 26-year-old when she noticed her heart would race at times. Her cardiologist ran some tests and recommended an ablation procedure to solve the problem. The ablation procedure went well, and she was delivered to a recovery room to recuperate.

Prior to discharge, the hospital’s policy was to require patients go to the bathroom first. Her providers in the recovery room knew she had a history of syncope (fainting). And when Linda’s nurse helped her up to the bathroom, she stopped her after a short distance, noting that Linda was very unsteady on her feet.

Notwithstanding these warning signs, the nurse helped her to the bathroom but left her alone. While in the bathroom Linda got dizzy and fell, injuring her knee.

Linda retained us and we obtained a settlement with the hospital one month before trial. This will allow her to not worry about future medical expenses related to her knee injury.

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