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Emergency Room Mistakes and Misdiagnoses

Visiting an emergency room can often be an uneventful experience. However, when a patient’s symptoms don’t automatically point to a likely diagnosis, emergency room doctors – and more often now physician assistants and ARNPs – must approach the task of making a diagnosis with intellectual curiosity. When the health care provider guesses about the diagnosis instead of making a list of possible diagnoses and ruling out the most dangerous ones first patients can be unnecessarily injured.

Hospital Malpractice, Including Failure to Prevent Falls

Client Case Study

A Husband's Hospital Death

"My experience working with Gene Moen was about 99 percent trauma free. From the first moment I spoke with Gene, I felt comfortable, knowing that he would handle everything and that I didn't need to worry. So I didn't!

For the entire year the case stretched on, it was mostly absent from my mind. It was never about the money for me but only about changing policy at the hospital where my husband died.

However, I have appreciated the stability in my life created by the settlement. I was able to remain home with my children and did not have to go into the work force to put food on the table. I would not hesitate to recommend Chemnick | Moen | Greenstreet to anyone seeking redress through this avenue. Gene Moen and his assistant Debra are heroes in my mind. They champion causes that give victims of medical malpractice a voice - a voice with muscle!"

Jeanna J.
Richland, WA

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