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Seattle Children’s Hospital Updating its Air Filtration to Address Airborne Fungal Infections

Posted Monday, December 2, 2019 by Carl-Erich Kruse

Patients have been getting infected with the Aspergillus mold at Seattle Children’s Hospital for nearly twenty years. The hospital has denied allegations of harm until only recently. Media coverage of children injured by the mold continues to expand. Seattle Children’s quietly closed its operating rooms several months ago for deep cleanings. The hospital performed a physical investigation and retrospective review of prior injured patients. The hospital determined that these children had developed infections from aspergillus mold tainting the air handling systems for the hospital’s operating rooms. It has recently announced that it is replacing and upgrading its exiting air filtration systems to try to prevent future infections.

Tyler Goldberg-Hoss, a partner here at Chemnick Moen Greenstreet, was recently interviewed by KIRO 7, Q13, and the Seattle Times regarding one of our clients infected with the aspergillus mold during a brain surgery. Watch and read the coverage below.

KIRO 7 coverage is here

Q13 coverage is here

Seattle Times: Before mea culpa, Seattle Childrens was Confident its air Systems weren’t source of Infection

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