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The Correct Way Doctors Can Use Blood Pressure Management Guidelines in Clinical Practice

Posted Monday, October 7, 2019 by Morgan Cartwright

In an editorial interview with cardiology fellow Martin van Zyl at the Mayo Clinic, he describes how doctors can best put guidelines on managing blood pressure into practice. He lays out a number of steps which doctors may use to effectively implement blood guidelines that are not always easy to adopt clinically. The steps include:

  1. Obtaining Accurate Measurements – Part of this includes automated measuring devices which takes multiple blood pressure measurements and then averages them in order to get a more accurate assessment. There is also the use of out-of-office blood pressure measurements to provide further measurements so the patient’s blood pressure is not only being read in a one-time office visit.

  2. Managing the Newly Diagnosed Patient – Once a patient is diagnosed, it’s important to come to decisions about how to manage that patient. This could include medication management, lifestyle management, or a combination of both. It’s imperative to truly assess the patient’s history and the cause behind the diagnosis.

  3. Systems Based Approach – The electronic medical record provides a significant advantage to doctors in tracking and managing patient’s medical conditions. Medical organizations need to be keen to use these records to help identify, track, and manage patients.

These three types of considerations in the management of blood pressure based on the guidelines is an incredibly useful and dynamic way to manage patient care. Guidelines are implemented for a reason. The more that doctors are able to implement guidelines in their clinical practice, the better health care they will provide.

You can read more about this here: Best Practices for Measuring and Managing Blood Pressure

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