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Communication between Technicians and Radiologists is Key

Posted Friday, February 22, 2019 by Morgan Cartwright

When taking imaging of a patient, the radiology technologist is typically the provider who sees the patient. The radiologist – the physician who interprets the images taken – rarely interacts with the patient. This means that communication between the technician and radiologist is often important to ensure the radiologist is guided in their interpretations and patients are provided optimal care.

For example, sometimes a technologist might see that a patient is particularly ill, in which case the technologist may be able to expedite the exam. In such a scenario, communicating that to the radiologist may key her or him into a critical finding on an image, or a clue that further imaging needs to be done.

Equally as important is the ability of the radiologist to communicate back to the technician regarding the images. If the technician takes images in a certain way but they aren’t showing something, the radiologist has the ability to suggest different images be taken. This symbiotic relationship of obtaining the correct images is critical to ensuring the patient is being treated properly.

While this communication furthers patient care, it also serves to foster a connection between the technician and radiologist. This allows both providers to start to develop awareness into information that is important to each other so they can do their jobs at their peak ability. Most importantly, this increased communication between the technician and radiologist leads to higher quality care and more patient safety.

A Good Tech-rad Relationship Is Vital to Patient Care

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