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Changes to risk calculator may change your blood pressure medication

Posted Tuesday, June 12, 2018 by Tyler Goldberg-Hoss

Millions of Americans take medication to prevent heart attacks and other cardiovascular disease. These medications include aspirin, statins, and other types of drugs.

Often times, doctors prescribing these medications for their patients use a risk calculator, which estimates the 10 year risk of cardiovascular disease. This calculator (you can find a version here) was based on research done decades ago.

Recently, Stanford researchers have updated the data, and as a result have created a new calculator that purports to be more accurate in their risk estimates.

As a result, an estimated 11 million Americans may benefit from a reassessment of their 10 year risk. Some may find that their risk has been overestimated, and thus should be taking a lower dose of medication. Conversely, some may find that their risk has been underestimated, and should take more or a different medication.

African Americans in particular may benefit from these revised risk assessments, since their population was not well represented in data supporting the previous calculator.

You can read more about this here:

New risk calculator could change the aspirin, statins, and blood pressure medications some people take

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