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Wisconsin bill would allow cameras into operating rooms

Posted Thursday, January 11, 2018 by Tyler Goldberg-Hoss

Often our office gets calls regarding claims that an error occurred during surgery, causing the patient harm. Because the patient, obviously, has no memory of events occurring during surgery, the only evidence available to us of what went on is in the patient’s medical records.

It is often the case that such records fail to shed light on precisely what occurred, and why. As a result, it is often difficult or impossible to prove that the injury was caused by an error by a medical provider, versus some other, non-negligent reason.

Now, at least in Wisconsin, lawmakers are considering a bill to allow patients to decide to audio and/or video record their surgeries.

Proponents of the bill believe that the opportunity to record surgical procedures can not only identify possible human error, but also offer protection to surgeons and other medical professionals who have done nothing wrong in a surgery, and still there was a bad outcome.

Identifying human error is meaningful in keeping patients safe. Without doing so, there is no accountability for wrongful actions, and no incentive to change or improve to make future patients safer.

Protecting doctors and other health care providers in surgeries is also a laudable goal. If video in particular were available, it would likely reduce the amount of lawsuits filed in situations where the patient or the patient’s attorney gain a fuller understanding of what went on in the surgery, allowing reasonable people to conclude whatever injury occurred was not the result of a wrongful action.

You can read an article on the bill here:

Proposed law would put cameras in operating rooms

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